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Google Does Not Give Special Treatment to Content in a Blockquote
Google's John Mueller recently addressed the use of the blockquote element, saying it's not treated in any special way.

html - Does the 'blockquote' element harm or help SEO ...
I don't think your find a 100% answer on this question and much speculation but I believe if your pages are THIN with block quote then your

blockquote(引用タグ)って何?SEOに必須の設定方法 | 株式会社 ...
今回は引用タグ「blockquote<引用タグ>」の使い方や注意点についてお教えいたします。 また、こちらの資料でコンテンツの品質をチェックすることができます!SEOで求め

Elementy (tagi, znaczniki) HTML – tag (znacznik) blockquote
Definicja, przeznaczenie i użycie tagu HTML blockquote. Atrybuty znacznika blockquote. Przykładowe zastosowania tagu blockquote.

Tag Definition, Usage and Examples - Holistic ...
Holistic SEO & Digital has been created by Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR as an SEO Agency and understanding of SEO for focusing on every vertical, and


Does using blockquote on WordPress benefit SEO or does it just ...
tag in HTML is used to display the long quotations (a section that is quoted from another source). It changes the alignment to make it unique

blockquoteとqの引用タグの使い方。その違いとSEO効果とは ...

blockquote(引用タグ)とは?SEO上の効果と正しい使い方 | サイト ...

Blockquote, q, cite, when to use it all? | SEO Forum | Moz
(q is an inline version of blockquote). But I recently learned you can add a cite attribution to those tags. Like so: I have a dream
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